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Roofing - Scorton  

We undertook a number of measures to replace dry rot damage to the roof at this beautiful building in Scorton. Throughout the year of 2006, roof timbers were replaced, roofs reslated, and much lead work was completed. a href="leadwork.php"Please follow ...

Roofing - Glen Davian  

A Traditional style roof on a large extension. The existing house is a bungalow dwarfed behind the new building. ...

Roofing - Fern Bank  

This traditional roof completed in 2006/07 consisted of two Green Oak mono-pitch trusses supporting two sets of Green Oak purlins. The roof then continues into a gable extension with the roof supported by a massive A-frame truss (queen post), which you ca...

Renovation of French doors - Caton  

The underestimated destructive force of a dripping gutter had caused extensive damage to the base rail of both of these french doors. Replacement would have been expensive so the restoration option was explored. ...

Windows and Doors - Selection at Yealand Redmayne  

Below is a selection of doors fitted in Yealand Redmayne. ...

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